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Founded in 1983 to research and manufacture notebook vendor said book . Clevo committed to the development of various high-tech and niche products, not only to get good valued customers , and newspapers around the world of professional media coverage , but for the various awards and recognition overseas . Computer mainly OEM / ODM and distributor of business strategy. Products include tablet PCs , LCD PCs, notebook computers , IT products and wireless products, sold in more than fifty countries around the world have switched . Meanwhile in the United States, Germany , Britain, China and Taiwan are equipped service centers, in addition to strengthening the links between customers , but also provide rapid technical support.


There are world-class R & D team , uphold known for consistently high -quality scientific and technological enthusiasm , innovation and research . The computer provides a complete portfolio of products to meet the different needs of different areas of the world 's consumers worldwide . In addition to the constant innovation beyond the limits and outside , stick to the enterprise's core philosophy computer more Qu @ liquiC (Quality, Quick), providing faster time to market and the needs of both product quality . As a result, both the smaller and start-up companies , or large multinational enterprises and diverse product demand, Clevo Jieneng smooth on-time delivery , provide the most complete services. Flexibility and efficiency of the computer is the best choice for the customer needs a small amount of product variety .


In order to maintain a competitive industry leader , Clevo computer combined with its Kaibo and construction of a new factory in Kunshan , expanding production capacity and quality in the near future, the production capacity will increase to 210,000 units per month . Computer is committed to establish a common and mutually beneficial relationship with each business partner, committed to the development of more innovative and high- value products.